What is Bootex?


Bootex is the most advanced Hi-Performance laminate to date.

Bootex provides a 100% waterproof (guaranteed) complemented by the most advanced breathable performance with a market leading breathability.

Finally Bootex provides complete wind block.

As a matter of interest Bootex provided the outer layer of our Artic Jacket.

Creating downpour conditions for lengthy periods of time.

Enabling 100% Guarantee.

Pressure testing material and seams. Provides water resistance to a depth of over 12 mtrs, after 25 wash cycles.
Flurocarbon treat-ment has been added which repels water and adds to the waterproofness of the fabric.

Available in Hi-Visability yellow and red.

Using state-of-the-art conspicuity testing, enabling development of the most advanced Hi-Viz garments.