Afternoon all,

I hope everyone is well and wrapped up warm!

Just a quick reminder we do have good stocks of shoe snow grips, one size fits all, £13.90. Plus lovely, warm fleeced thinsulate gloves at £5.95/pair and finally the heavy weight fleece Snood at £9.85 keeping the head and neck warm too! Please telephone the factory on 01934 414142 or of course email

Hello and welcome to Bristol Oilskin News Letter. We hope you have had a well deserved summer break and now ready for the next 14 weeks to Christmas!

So here at BOO we have been busy designing a new lighter weight summer Coat. Coincidentally this is noticeably cheaper than the polycotton. We will be delighted to discuss this new coat with you and of course can always send/show you a sample.

The R1 Winter Coats in both single colour and contrast can now be moderately tumble dried, ideal for warming garments prior to starting in the height of winter. The R1 also now carries a 24 month guarantee against water penetration.

We offer a new Winter Coat, the C3. Contrast design with zip in liner and hood at £69.95 minimum of 30 garments spread across the size range. The C3 carries our full 100% waterproof guarantee.

We are just waiting final certification for our new illuminated collapsible SCP sign. A new era for the SCP 'stop' sign. Initial estimations are that these signs will be £230 approx and we will be offering a loyalty discount (£25) for those that purchase SCP clothing regularly from us.

For those fortunate to be located in Southern Ireland, please note that due to the exchange rate are coats and ancillary items have never been cheaper!

With the darker days soon upon us, we do provide very competitive rates on child's Hi-Viz waistcoats and have a fully certified High performance Cycle Jacket. Again we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

Finally we now offer a heated body liner. This includes the jacket, battery and charger . The battery will stayed charge for minimum of 3 hrs on full heat and longer on a lower setting. Not cheap but Patrols will not be cold in the freezing outside temperature!

As always we will be delighted to hear from you and look forward to catching up.